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The Economies of Europe will Fall

By Terry Bennett on 06/17/2011 - Source
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An angel came to me and, in the Spirit, took me to Times Square in New York City. The angel stood to my left, and I was directed to observe the Times Square ball.  As I watched the ball, its behavior was very erratic as it attempted to progress upward toward the year 2012. The ball became stagnant and was dropping, shaking violently and was unable to progress in its purpose, though we were only half-way into 2011. The scene changed in time, and the ball reached midnight the last day of 2011 and fell rapidly to begin the year 2012. When the time and year changed, the angel to my left spoke these words, “The economies of Europe will begin to fall in 2012, and will come back on the USA.” Now I understood that the Times Square ball’s behavior was representing  the economies in 2011, but only after the angel revealed this truth to me.

The angel then pointed his finger to Germany and said that the German economy will stumble and that there would be exposure of wrongdoings at some high levels, such as banking, economists, and even government leaders. The angel also spoke of bad investments, like with Greece, that would be a factor in this stumbling.

Next, the angel pointed to France and said that, in a similar way, France would fall. This economic fall would also involve exposure, and bad investments would also be a factor there. However, this economic fall would make way for a radical governmental change in France. It will not be an easy or good change and there will be violence.

The angel then pointed to Poland and spoke of this nation’s economic woes. The nation was looking for help, but became untrusting of other European nations. Russia began to seek to help Poland, but there were strings attached to Russia’s offer. Russia actually began to use economic threats as a means to influence Poland and other nations. Poland should not ally with Russia.

The angel then pointed his finger and Russia and declared, “The Soviet Union WILL RISE Again”! It will attempt to re-gather many of the former nations by using threats and lures. The government will become extremely aggressive.

Lastly, the angel spoke about many of the other European nations including Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Their fall was coming soon and Spain would see great division and the forming of a new government within the nation. Great violence will be unleashed in Spain and many of the other European nations.

Update 1/30/2013

My thoughts concerning this word:

Another wave of economic problems did begin in Europe in 2012 and they are gaining momentum, just as I believe the angel showed me. The falls will continue to affect those economies and ours. The part about the fall returning back onto America is unclear to me, but I believe that it is going to affect us dramatically in the days ahead. If there has been confusion over this word, I do apologize, but I believe the word will continue to unfold in the coming months.

My heart is to be forthright and repentant about any word that I've shared, and timing is of course the most difficult thing to discuss, however, many of these things did begin to happen in Europe in 2012 just as I was told, but have been heavily downplayed in the American media. For example, the major rioting and unrest in Spain and Greece, the economic trouble in France, Italy, Ireland, England, and the talk of secessions both of nations form the EU and parts of nations from each other. Also many of the major struggles, economically and socially, that our nation is under are not being seriously and accurately reported through mainstream media. Although this unrest and turmoil may not have directly affected us yet, that does not mean that it isn't happening and causing significant distress for people across the world.

China will back the Yuan with Gold

By John Paul Jackson on 09/01/2012 - Source
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China’s currency will become the world currency. It will use the currency against the United States. China will grow into a vicious machine and we are playing right into their hand. It’s not the people, it’s the government. While that is going on you have China building it’s own economic structure where the Yuan is going to be predominant. A Yuan backed by gold. They are hoarding gold like crazy in order to back the Yuan with gold. As soon as they do that they are going to insist that the Yuan be the world currency. It’s not there yet, but that’s what they are working on.

Social Security and Other Retirement Accounts Will Become of Little Value

By John Paul Jackson on 08/01/2008 - Source
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Dream: Obama says, “A crisis is coming.”

By Nita Johnson on 05/17/2013 - Source
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Dream 1: The Obama Freeze

I am going to share with you two dreams that I had. Both of these dreams were about Obama, America, the intercessors, and the Church. I cannot remember the details of the first dream except for one thing. A man said, “The Obama freeze is coming.” That may not initially mean a lot to us. However, consider what happened in Greece with the people's finances. Consider what you see on the internet every day with regards to what may happen with our economy. Some will even go so far as to tell you what may happen when the economy crashes. One of the things to consider is that when the economy falls, they are going to do something to prevent  a national rush on the banks; they will freeze the funds. You may have prepared financially for the storm that is coming. However, if you did not take the extra step to hold gold and silver in your hands, what will you do when the crash comes and you cannot access your bank account? What are you going to do? You must prepare for this eventuality. How long the money will be frozen, I do not know. It will not be long. However, there is a fairly good chance that when it is thawed out, it is not going to be there at all, at least in the conventional way. So just making sure that you have money in your account is not the answer. There is coming a situation similar to, though not exactly the same as, what we saw happen recently with Cyprus. You need to prayerfully consider what God wants you to do to prepare for such an eventuality.

I contacted my friend and colleague Fred, and I shared with him about this dream. He wrote back, telling me what the Lord told him it meant. The Lord shared with him that the Obama freeze in my dream represents the freezing of your funds. You need to keep an eye on your bank account and pay close attention. I am going to share with you some additional things. I looked into several different sources while trying to fully understand what the Lord was showing me, so that we are not all living with just Nita's interpretation of things. In a moment I want to share with you what I learned through others who know what they are doing for the sake of confirming His word to me.

Secondly, “The Obama Freeze,” refers to Obama putting a freeze on some areas of government spending. This will be striking in its dimension. Finally the “The Obama Freeze” will encompass a temporary freeze on wages.


Dream 2: Obama says, “A crisis is coming.”

After the dream about the “Obama Freeze” ended, I awoke and lay praying for quite some time. Eventually I fell back to sleep, and had another dream. In this second dream, I was attending an Obama Press Meeting. President Obama tried to tell the nation that a terrible crisis was about to come and the nation needed to prepare. He did not tell them exactly what the crisis would be, but he did attempt to allude to it with  somewhat veiled words.

When he was finished speaking, I got up and left the room. I went walking down a corridor when President Obama approached, walking toward me. I went up to him, and said to him, “The prophetic intercessors have been praying for you.” He answered, “Listen. A crisis is coming. In fact, it has already begun. There is nothing I can do about it. I tried. I'm asking you to believe that. I tried, but I could not stop it. This thing was taken out of my hands.” He continued, “Please tell the intercessors not to hate me. Pray for me. I really have tried to stop what is coming, but I couldn't. They wouldn't let me. Please don't hate me. Please tell them to pray for me. He continued: It is the Elite that have taken control. The reason this cannot be stopped is because they want to reorganize Europe, and the only method available to them to accomplish their goals is going to cause suffering throughout the world. It is also going to terribly affect America. It has to. This thing cannot be stopped because it must happen.” When he said that it must happen, suddenly, I knew the Lord Himself was speaking through Obama. This is something that has to happen. It is about a worldwide economic crash.

In the Gatherings, we have prayed over the economy for many years. We have seen God set back the economic crash, time and time again. Every time the Elite set a date for it to happen, we prayed and the Lord intervened. He has done it repeatedly. But we have come to a time now that if it can be delayed at all, it is not going to get set back much more. This crash must happen. The Elite want to restructure or reorganize Europe, and they want to bring in their own currency, which is a different currency from what we are dealing with right now. The United States currency is really based on oil. We now function off of a fiat currency, but they want to bring in a gold-backed currency. It will be a world currency as well. It has to happen. That means we are going to go through the 1930s all over again. It is not going to be easy, but it will be as hard as it will be, based on our preparedness.

When this crash comes, I saw homes that were worth millions - depending upon location, they might have been worth one to three million dollars. They were beautifully decorated, well-appointed, and well-built homes. These former million dollar homes were selling on the market for $200,000. Now that is a drop! I thought, while walking through one of them, “Wow! This house would make a great house to open up for kids who have been forced onto the street because their parents couldn't afford to feed them.” I told the realtor, “This house is really only $200,000? We could buy this house for the unfortunate street kids.” This is what the crash brought us to. It was a huge deterioration of an economy.

Greece – Italy – Spain – Portugal

By John Paul Jackson on 08/31/2012 - Source
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Greece will be out. Italy, Spain and Portugal won't be far behind and when the Euro goes America won’t be more than a few weeks behind it, if that.

China, Russia & Dollar Collapse

By John Paul Jackson on 07/11/2011 - Source
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China is going to continue to grow. The Lord showed me that they are going to conspire with Russia and Russia, China and three other countries that the Lord didn’t tell me what they were, but Russia, China and three other countries are going to conspire to diffuse the dollar, to dismantle, to bring down the dollar in order to repay the United States for something. It happened because the real estate bubble in Hong Kong and in Shanghai and in Beijing and other places in China, the real estate bubble burst. and when the real estate bubble bursts, that will be a sign that they are going to start aggressively trying to take the dollar down.

Gold & Silver Prices

By John Paul Jackson on 04/12/2012 - Source
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Yes. Silver will go up, as well. I didn’t say above $2,000. I did say gold would eventually go to $2,000, in fact far beyond that. I did say there would be a plunge of gold. I want to make it very, very clear that I’ve said on these broadcasts, as well as other recordings and videos that gold is going to go over $2,000 & it will. It got up to $1998, so close to that but it will go beyond that. Also, I said that before it happens or before it goes to it’s ultimate price, which is way beyond $2,000 it will plunge first. Are we in that plunge now? I don’t know, I try to say what the Lord shows me.

The Euro is Going to Evolve into Another Currency

By John Paul Jackson on 09/08/2011 - Source
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The Euro is going to evolve into another currency. There are things going on right now to provoke that to happen. There is corruption that is going to be exposed in the banking system in a couple of European countries. I’m strictly going on what the Lord has shown me. I believe the turmoil will cause damage to struggling economies and could come across the Atlantic to the US. I believe there are countries that will opt out of being in the European market and make it more biblically prophetic centric to what the Bible has to say about the last days. The situation will be a whole lot worse than Lehman Bros. George Soros, via NY Times says that the Euro crisis has the potential for being a lot worse than Lehman Bros. citing the lack of an authoritative pan-European body to handle a banking crisis of this severity.