The Euro is Going to Evolve into Another Currency

By John Paul Jackson on 09/08/2011 - Source
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The Euro is going to evolve into another currency. There are things going on right now to provoke that to happen. There is corruption that is going to be exposed in the banking system in a couple of European countries. I’m strictly going on what the Lord has shown me. I believe the turmoil will cause damage to struggling economies and could come across the Atlantic to the US. I believe there are countries that will opt out of being in the European market and make it more biblically prophetic centric to what the Bible has to say about the last days. The situation will be a whole lot worse than Lehman Bros. George Soros, via NY Times says that the Euro crisis has the potential for being a lot worse than Lehman Bros. citing the lack of an authoritative pan-European body to handle a banking crisis of this severity.